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EAR offers a formal representation service to companies seeking to place their high quality products in the European Economic Area. EAR deals with all regulatory affairs related to products, allowing our clients and their distributors to focus on the primary goal of their presence in the European market, i.e. the sale of products. EAR's comprehensive service does not begin and end with simple regulatory representation and a European address. Our clients can rely on the in-depth expertise and extensive working experience of our technical, legal and QA professionals. EAR gives a unique warranty for its commitment: only EAR goes as far as effectively shielding clients from product liability in Europe. Moreover, EAR takes on the final responsibility for European conformity of the product. In this way our clients are assured of our total dedication: EAR has a direct interest in full compliance and product liability in Europe. EAR is a European business partner in every respect!

An attractive alternative

EAR offers exporting companies an attractive alternative.

Save the cost of opening an office in Europe. Our clients use our office address located in The Hague, in the heart of Europe. EAR provides clients with personal telephone and fax lines along with a professional staff that handles all inquiries: EAR offers a foothold in Europe.

Relieve the European distributor(s) from the burden of being responsible and liable for the product's compliance. A distributor may excel in marketing and sales, but is he equipped or even interested in handling regulatory and legal issues? EAR not only keeps all technical records concerning the products on file, but also ensures that they are kept updated while making them available to the proper authorities upon request.

Benefit from the expertise and longstanding working experience of our technical and legal specialists by gaining advice and guidance throughout the implementation of European product requirements. EAR takes responsibility for the compliance of our clients' products.





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