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Features and Benefits



EAR offers a foothold in Europe: a name, an address, a telephone and fax number, an email address, and a professional staff to handle inquiries

EAR acts as the contact person for market surveillance authorities and end users when conformity issues are concerned

EAR stores and updates the technical files of the products sold in Europe, and makes them available to the appropriate authorities upon request

EAR is more than a mere regulatory representative in Europe: EAR shields clients from product liability in Europe and takes on the responsibility for European conformity.

EAR is a European business advocate: we represent our clients' case in any pre-market and post-market issues. EAR takes responsibility for the European conformity of the products and (co-)issues the Declaration of Conformity

EAR registers products with the appropriate authorities if required EAR provides advice on the implementation of European technical regulations and guides clients through the certification procedures

EAR monitors and reports on new developments in European product legislation relevant to clients

EAR offers product vigilance and incident reporting

EAR assists with product recalls and the issuing of advisory notices

EAR makes available its network of business consultants whose expertise spans every aspect of business in Europe

EAR's annual fee is fixed and includes all services; no additional hourly rates are charged for advice, legal representation etc.



Avoid the costs of setting up a European office

'Back to business': focus on sales and leave all regulatory affairs to EAR

A committed partner in Europe: EAR shields you from liability and takes over responsibility for product compliance

Keep business secrets secret: it is EAR, and not the European distributor(s) who keeps the technical files

Gain an independent position from which to work with distributors

A team of expert professionals to represent your business

Open new markets: distributors and sales representatives will be easier to come by as they do not have to deal with conformity issues and product certification

A representative office located in the heart of Europe near main European seaports and airports



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